M. Adlan Ramly
UX/UI Designer, AR/VR Developer, HCI Researcher

Notable Projects:


UX Designer, Developer, & Researcher
A collaborative artifact-based mixed reality game that demonstrates a new gamified learning experience based on exploration which supports public learning and empowers the engagement between users and museums.

Coffee Talk

UX/UI Designer
Coffee Talk is a game about listening to people's problems and helping them by serving a warm drink out of the ingredients you have. Inspired by 90s anime, classic text-based adventure games, and lo-fi chillhop music.

Case Study: Google Drive

UX/UI Designer
A mini case study about one cryptic feature that is hidden beneath the depths of Google Drive: getting an embed link of a video. Analysis on current design and my design attempt from user research to prototyping.

Doodle VR

UX Designer & Game Developer
Solve puzzles and fight enemies with your drawings in a Virtual Reality sandbox!


Researcher & UI Designer
A MOOC platform that enables peer review & discussion forum which the system interacts directly with other MOOC sites (Udemy, Coursera, edX) via REST API independently maintained by each provider.


UX Designer
A virtual pet simulator & fitness tracker for Android Wear that can motivate you to walk outdoors & socialize with other players. Take care of your fitness & your pet's health, hunger, and affection!


Researcher & UX Designer
A real-time data visualization system that enables users to interact with the AI-based interface on augmented/virtual reality platforms.


Game Designer & Concept Artist
A futuristic wild west poker-based arcade brawler. Match pairs to execute battle combos and defeat various enemies & bosses in epic battles!

Invaders VR

Game Designer & Developer
A virtual reality rendition of the classic shooter game. Press the cardboard button to shoot aliens into blocks!


Product Designer & Developer
An IoT & Wearable project that connects a pair of smart shoes via bluetooth that calculates a user's body weight through in-built weight sensors and analyses weight data via an Android application


Product Designer & Developer
A robot design as a solution to Jakarta's flooding problem which can be used for clearing waste that blocks the water sewage in Jakarta.

Other Projects:


Product Designer & Researcher
A Gesture-based Home Assistant with Projection-based Display for People with Hearing and Speech Disabilities.


Game Designer & Developer
A 1-week game project. Play as a detective that can travel into peoples' minds with the mission to find the culprit. Ask questions to the suspects and enter each suspect's mind labyrinth to learn the truth!

Mister Chef

Game Designer & Developer
A 1-week game project. Play as a part-time chef and a full-time superhero named Mister Chef. Help Mister Chef end world hunger by launching his trusty Meatball Mobile to the designated countries!

Hive Life

Graphic Designer & Game Designer
A 1-week game design document project. Play as a swarm of bees and maintain your population. Harvest honey from flower nectars, expand your bee population, and avoid threats (varroa mites & pesticides) to survive!


Game Designer & Developer
This simulator emulates the experience of being an air traffic controller in VR. Navigate planes to a safe spot as the wind blows in many directions and avoid airplane collisions!


UX Designer & Developer
A simple cooperative survival game where there are 2 players act as the provider and the protector while being attacked by a horde of zombies.


UX Designer
A web based digital ecosystem for researchers and comic artists to make comics based on research journals.


Product Designer & Developer
A hybrid-powered phone charger embedded to an umbrella that uses solar cells and pressure sensors for tropical countries.