M. Adlan Ramly
UX/UI Designer, AR/VR Developer, HCI Researcher

Work Experience


UX Design Intern
Summer 2019
  • Performed usability research for 3 clients: IBM, Air Wick, & TD Ameritrade
  • Redesigned registration form for a non-profit organization, Minds Matter, which increased conversion rate by 45%
  • Improved auditing workflow by writing with an automated script one week faster compared to previous workflow

Smithsonian 3D Digitization Office

Creative Technologist Intern
Spring 2019
  • Created prototypes of new features & designed new methods of presenting artifacts in a gamified augmented reality platform (ExplorAR).
  • Performed usability tests for Smithsonian's new 3D viewer (Voyager).
  • Collaborated with Google Arts & Culture, Autodesk, & NASA for 3D scanning artifacts.
  • Installed AR & VR demonstrations for office visitors.

Toge Productions

UX/UI Engineer Intern
Summer 2018
  • Designed feasible user interfaces using Photoshop, created engaging user interactions with effective user flows, & developed core feature prototypes with Unity for an upcoming game: Coffee Talk. Featured in 3 major game journals & invited to attend 4 international game conferences. Won Best Storytelling Award in Level Up KL 2018.
  • Consulted UX & UI improvements for 5 upcoming indie games published under Toge Productions. Won an award at Game Prime Asia 2018 for Best Publisher.
  • Performed user testing & research.
  • Improved the workflow between developers & artists.
  • Optimized ergonomic user controls for different platforms (PC, PS4, & Switch).


Research Assistant
Spring-Fall 2018
  • Involved in research projects about spatial cognition, locomotion, and usability in virtual and augmented reality environments.
  • Developed prototypes with Unity, wrote shader & rendering scripts, wrote specifications analysis, and created use case analysis for a virtual reality flood simulator.

Rain Reality

UX/UI Designer & Unity Developer
Spring-Summer 2017

Augmented reality educational modules, Client: Shaver's Creek

  • Designed & developed user interactions for a marker-based AR educational app in Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center using Vuforia API with Unity.
  • Designed UI and 2D assets using Photoshop.
  • Developed scene management & animation scripts in C# with Unity.
  • Performed user research and testing.

Pennsylvania State University:
College of Information Sciences & Technology

UX/UI Designer & Research Assistant
Spring-Fall 2017
  • Designed user interface & interactions using Photoshop for a study about the retention issue on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) supervised by Dr. John M. Carroll & Dr. Ben Hanrahan.
  • Created prototypes using HTML, CSS, & Javascript.

Consulted Products


  • Ramly, M. A. (2020, January 25). Incentivizing NYC Subway Commuters to Recycle Inorganic Waste. UX Planet.
  • Ramly, M. A. (2019, November 10). ExplorAR: A Collaborative Augmented Reality Game Platform for Museums — Development Phase 1. The Startup.
  • Ramly, M. A. (2019, May 21). Enlightening Navigation Design in She and The Light Bearer. Toge Productions.
  • Ramly, M. A. (2019, January 28). Mini Case Study: Vehicle Choice Conundrum in GO-BOX. Prototypr.io.
  • Ramly, M. A. (2018, November 4). Mini Case Study: A Quest to Find The Hidden Embed Video Link on Google Drive. Prototypr.io.
  • Ramly, M. A. (2018, October 23). Brewing a Meaningful Experience in Coffee Talk. Gamasutra.
  • Ramly, M. A. (2018, October 17). Brewing a Meaningful Experience in Coffee Talk. Toge Productions.
  • Neupane, B., Ramly, M.A. 2018. ExplorAR: A Collaborative Artifact-based Mixed Reality Game. Asian HCI Symposium'18 Proceedings: CHI 2018 Montreal, Canada. ACM Digital Library.

Presentations & Workshops

  • "Saving Earth's Future with Experimental Interaction Design" @ Gojek HQ Jakarta - Gojek Design (2020)
  • "UI/UX Design in Games: Coffee Talk" @ IGDA DC Meeting - IGDA DC (2019)
  • "A Very Basic Intro to Unity" @ HackPSU Fall 2018 – PSU AR/VR Labs (2018)
  • "Intro to ARCore with Unity" @ Google Codelabs Jakarta - Google Developers Group Indonesia (2018)
  • "What's New in ARCore?" @ Google I/O 2018 Extended Jakarta - Google Developers Group Indonesia (2018)
  • "What's New in ARCore?" @ Google I/O 2018 Extended Bogor - Google Developers Group Indonesia (2018)
  • "Intro to Immersive Media (AR/VR/XR)" @ HackPSU Spring 2018 - PSU AR/VR Labs (2018)
  • "Intro to Immersive Media (AR/VR/XR)" @ GWC Meeting - PSU AR/VR Labs (2018)
  • "Intro to Unity: Scripting with C#" @ PSU AR/VR Labs Meeting - PSU AR/VR Labs (2017)
  • "Student Startups Panel" @ IST 237 - Rain Reality (2017)