M. Adlan Ramly
Interaction Designer & UX Researcher

About Me

Hello! I'm Adlan & I am an Interaction Designer, UX Researcher, & Game Developer who is currently working as a UI Technical Designer Contractor at Retro Studios | Nintendo. I enjoy accepting challenges in different media & platforms. My interests are Human Computer Interaction, User Experience Design, AR/VR/XR Systems, Game Design & Development, and Cognitive Science.

I aim to bridge the gap between people's needs & their technology with user research, push the boundaries of present technology by creating experimental interfaces, and unite people of all backgrounds by crafting engaging experiences.

I graduated from Pennsylvania State University, University Park in December 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Design & Development. My first professional experience was working as a Unity Developer for a student startup called Rain Reality where I designed user interactions for an educational augmented reality module that educates visitors about the local ecosystem at Shaver's Creek. I was a UX/UI Engineer Intern at Toge Productions where I was involved with Coffee Talk (2020) and She and the Light Bearer (2019). After my graduation, I worked at the Smithsonian Institution as a Creative Technologist where I was involved in building a digital repository of 3D-scanned artifacts and exploring interactive augmented reality applications for museums. I also worked at Havas as a UX Designer where I consulted clients from IBM & TD Ameritrade. I enrolled for a graduate degree at NYU majoring in Integrated Digital Media: Human Centered Design & Research in Emerging Technologies where I worked as a research assistant at NYU CREATE Lab which focuses on virtual reality games for education.

I held several workshops and talks related to game development and human computer interaction in multiple events which include XR ACCESS 2020, Google Codelabs Jakarta, Google IO '18 Extended Jakarta, IGDA DC, & Gojek Indonesia. While I'm not doing work, I work part time on experimental emerging technology projects and games in my own studio, Dark Science. In my free time, I play experimental indie games, draw illustrations, watch cheesy horror movies, read obscure manga/comics, cook new recipes, & feed my plants.

Feel free to contact me via my email: adlanarvyanda@gmail.com!

Previous Collaborators

  • Samsung Research America
  • Retro Studios (Nintendo)
  • New York University
  • Niantic Labs
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Google
  • Havas
  • IBM
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Toge Productions
  • ChoroPhronesis
  • Rain Reality
  • Pennsylvania State University


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Presentations & Workshops

  • XR Access Symposium 2020 Moderator for XR in Education hosted by Regine Gilbert @ Online Event (2020)
  • "Saving Earth's Future with Experimental Interaction Design" @ Gojek HQ Jakarta - Gojek Design (2020)
  • "UI/UX Design in Games: Coffee Talk" @ IGDA DC Meeting - IGDA DC (2019)
  • "A Very Basic Intro to Unity" @ HackPSU Fall 2018 – PSU AR/VR Labs (2018)
  • "Intro to ARCore with Unity" @ Google Codelabs Jakarta - Google Developers Group Indonesia (2018)
  • "What's New in ARCore?" @ Google I/O 2018 Extended Jakarta - Google Developers Group Indonesia (2018)
  • "What's New in ARCore?" @ Google I/O 2018 Extended Bogor - Google Developers Group Indonesia (2018)
  • "Intro to Immersive Media (AR/VR/XR)" @ HackPSU Spring 2018 - PSU AR/VR Labs (2018)
  • "Intro to Immersive Media (AR/VR/XR)" @ GWC Meeting - PSU AR/VR Labs (2018)
  • "Intro to Unity: Scripting with C#" @ PSU AR/VR Labs Meeting - PSU AR/VR Labs (2017)
  • "Student Startups Panel" @ IST 237 - Rain Reality (2017)


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